• Untitled, 2018

    Billboard, photograph printed on Airtex, 300 cm x 500 cm.

    - - -

    Designed for the Kunstenfestival PLAN B - a Contemporary Art Festival taking place in Bekegem, Belgium in September 2018 - the billboard investigates the concept of memory by showing pieces of posters left and collected around the city.

    The concept of causality and randomness in the method - of choice and collection - becomes the metaphor of time itself: our brain storages specific memories rather than others, and this process is something that we cannot control.

    Later, this ‘street archive’ is scanned in order to keep a neutral point of view without adding a personal filter. The fragments of these posters are displayed by guessing the original size and imagining the missing parts, like an hypothetical puzzle that we cannot finish.

    Again the method of re-displaying the fragments seeks to reflect the neurological process: by deliberately deciding how to arrange the various pieces, the work underlines how often it happens to our mind to combine memories and change the original story forever.

    The context of this installation is the countryside, space where - compared to the cityscape - the time goes slower and the lost memory of the city creates a visual contradiction towards the context. The support of the fragments is a tape full of dust: the element that better expresses - with its physicality - the presence of time.