• Untitled, 2018

    Photographs printed on sticker, ambient size, installation view.


    Pictures of cigarettes printed on stickers are placed on the floor of the exhibition space like a trompe l’oeil.

    By questioning the value of the images in the contemporary, the pictures are sticked on the floor ready to be trampled and destroyed by the visitors. The behaviour of the public is tested and the work becomes the process of destruction itself: during the exhibition the work changes and it generates an active relationship with the people.

    The untouchable quality of an artwork is questioned and reduced to the object that represents: the cigarettes on the street are something with no value that we are used to step on without caring. This action wants to be the metaphor of the mass consumption of images nowadays. The medium of photography has lost his past quality and is now living a crisis in the art context: the current short life and popular quality of images should be reflected in an exhibition as well.

    The need is to push forward the traditional borders of photography by avoiding the typical cold distance between the picture on the wall and the viewer and by playing with the exhibition space like a sculpture usually does.